Friday, 22 March 2013

Tiny Little Pennies - wonky french manicure

I'm soooo happy with these nails! I've spent about two hours working on them tonight so I'm very relieved they turned out okay. 

 I bought some born pretty stuff a few weeks ago, and recieved it in the post at the beginning of the week - EXCITING! I got a wheel-full of different studs which I'm desperate to try out, and a tub of pink 'glequins' as the Nailasaurus and others are calling them - a cross between glitter and sequins. I'd seen these used in a variety of ways, and was inspired to actually go ahead and purchase them by the fabulous (and famous) Kathie when I saw this manicure. I had seen lots of very pretty ways to use these glequins, but as soon as I saw this manicure on Kelsie's Nail Files I knew I had to give it a go. She in turn was inspired by this look on Oooh, Shinies! 

So I think I managed to fit just enough links in that one paragraph(!!). I called this post Tiny Little Pennies after my sister's description of the glequins on this manicure! To create this look, I used Lychee by Barry M, Spearmint by w7 and my usual base coat of green tea and bamboo strengthener and topcoat(s) of Insta-Dri, both by Sally Hansen. And of course the MASSIVE tub of glequins from Born Pretty - what a bargain, they'll last my whole life!

I painted two coats of Lychee to start. I nearly didn't add anything else because the lychee gelly is so smooth and shiny and flawless! Love it! But I carried on, and used a small nail-art brush to paint the green shape across the top and down one side of each nail. I still find nail-art brushes really fiddly and can't work with them very well, but I persevered as I needed the line to be really thin at the side. It didn't matter if the join was a bit messy/uneven as it was to be covered up with the glequins. I then used a dotting tool to pick up each piece of glitter individually (I tipped a little pile out onto a piece of newspaper for ease-of-access!) and stick them onto my nail, where I'd added a top-coat to stick them onto. I did one nail at a time, adding the topcoat then the glequins. I then added a final layer of topcoat to each nail to seal the glequins in. Ta-da!


  1. I love these nails, I think the colours go really well together and I love how shiney they are! (and they do look like tiny little pennies)

  2. Me parece una preciosidad!

    Un besito desde  ❤sɔıʇǝɯsoɔƃuıʌol❤ Estoy de SorteitO!!

  3. omg! looks syunning and so cute :)

  4. Pretttyy!! It reminds me of kiwi's in the last picture haha :)

  5. Nice Blog :)

    You are invited to my "International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store".

  6. I love this, it looks SO striking. Definitely need to get me some glequins!


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