Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Greenberry Gradient

I love this mani!!

I was determined to keep my three-tone glitter nails on for another day, but just as I was going to bed last night, one peeled right off, so I had to peel all the rest of them off there and then!! So this morning I knew what I was going to do with my nails as I've just bought greenberry gelly by Barry M. I was inspired to buy this colour after seeing my fellow nail-challenger Bob use it in this manicure. It looked so shiny! After my successful gradient using Lychee gelly and pink, I wanted to use greenberry in a similar way. I wanted to pair it with a more neutral colour, but I didn't want it to be too samey, so resisted Lychee again. I went with my other neutral favourite, Dorien Grey by Sally Hansen. Ahhh will I ever be bored of this beautiful colour? I think not. Totally worth £1! 

 I sponged on the gradient with a make-up sponge, and added a tiny bit of darker green to the very tips, using the green polish I got in my crackle-set from Primark. I was really pleased with the outcome (apart from being able to see the sponge marks a bit from the darker polish.) I thought it could do with something else though, so I wasn't sure what. I got out my 'tools and accessories' box to see what caught my's a pic of all my stuff all over the floor next to me as I worked! I try to just get out the things I need, but today I ended up with everything everywhere:

I went for my poundland rhinestone wheel, and was initially going to use the little emerald green squares. I changed my mind at last minute and went with these black triangles instead. They're fab because they look like studs, rather than of sparkly rhinestones. I stuck them onto a still-wet topcoat, then sealed with another. I'll see how long they last, because I've got about 100 layers of varnish on in total and that always makes it nice and thick and easy to pick off! Must resist as I'm really pleased with this look.

Oooh and also today I went into a new poundland that I forgot existed, in a little shopping outlet just outside the town centre. I found two shades of Sally Hansen! Both were very similar so I got just one, it's like a white with a subtle pinky/purpley tinge, and it's called Lavender Cloud. Can't wait to use it, and well chuffed with my find! Keep a lookout for it being used later in the month because I'm sure it will be if it's anything as nice as Dorien Grey.  


  1. another great nail art idea!

  2. i love this! dorian grey looks quite nudey on your nails


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