Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pretty Monster: Nail Lacquer UK

Hello, and Happy New Year!

These are my nails today. I have two days off work, so I can go for bright and bold again. This another of my new Nail Lacquer UK polishes. Pretty  Monster has a milky-white base, with small, fluorescent yellow and turquoise glitter, medium pink circles, large neon pink hexes and large black circles. I love it! 

I started off with one coat of Nail Envy (as usual) then three coats of Amazing Gracie, which is one of my Ciate calendar polishes. In the bottle, this is a beautiful pale pink, almost white. However, with three coats it still wasn't opaque, which was a bit annoying, because if it was this'd be a lovely delicate shade to wear on it's own...

I left it as three coats because I didn't want my manicure to end up with too many layers - I knew I still had several coats of both Pretty Monster and topcoat to apply. 

I started with two(ish) coats of Pretty Monster. I had to fish a bit for the glitters, especially the large black circles, but it wasn't too much of a hardship! I also prodded the pieces around a bit once on the nail to spread them about where I wanted them.

I finished off with two generous coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. I need a new bottle soon, but might try a different topcoat to see how it goes! 

I love the look of this polish on my nails, they look so bright and fun. This polish is a beauty, as all Nail Lacquer UK ones are. This was a one-off handmade polish, but there are others still available in the Nail Lacquer UK Etsy shop, including a similar one to this from the same collection called Happy Monster. Go and look, there's some stunning polishes, they're all reduced in price at the moment and I absolutely want them all! Although I am on a serious no-buy at the moment after all my Christmas goodies. My current "UK Indie polish" box (new addition to my pile of polish boxes!) looks like this...

Very well stocked, and lots of untrieds! Very exciting. Expect more swatches soon :-) xx


  1. I love the monster range and this is a cute addition! <3

  2. I love that glitter! I have a new thing for glitter's in a milky base :) I might get that one! looks so lovely on your nails :D

  3. This looks like such a fun polish! I love the black circular glitters :)


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