Friday, 10 January 2014

Holo Gradient


Today's nails were inspired by AJ of Nail Lacquer UK. She posted a beautiful gradient last week using holographic polishes. It looked so stunning, and the colours blended flawlessly! I wanted to do something similar, but the only two holo polishes I have are very different in colour. Still, I gave it a try, and just tried to blend the two colours with lots of sponge-dabbing!

The two polishes I used in this manicure were Seventeen's silver holo polish, and Rose Bower by a-england. I definitely want more a-england polishes because this one is so rich and beautiful! 

I began by painting my nails with two coats of the silver. I then layered up a make-up sponge with a strip of silver and a strip of pink. I dabbed it onto my nail, dabbing higher and lower to create the gradient(ish!)

It doesn't blend totally seamlessly, which I expected because of the colours being so different. However, I did get some sort of gradient going on, some nails better than others. Also, I can't decide whether it looks like the ends of my fingernails are covered in blood or something?! However, I still like it, I think!


  1. I think this looks amazing and I can easily spot the gradient. I'm jealous!

  2. OMG :D that gradient and holo effect has me memorized! I absolutely love it! :D xx

  3. I love does remind me a bit of blood dipped nails (very Gothic) but that's why I like it. Would look good with black & red ends too. I'm evnious of your nail length, as I busted two of mine today, so will now file the others down to match, as odd lengths annoy me. :-(

  4. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! x

  5. Beautiful! I have been thinking of a holo gradient for a while - will get around to it soon, hopefully! :-) x


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