Friday, 24 January 2014

Magic Goose: I Wished For A Castle


Another pretty to show today. This is the second of the two polishes I bought from UK Indie brand, Magic Goose. The first one I bought was a beautiful deep green holographic polish that I wore and reviewed here. The second polish I chose is named I Wished For A Castle, which I think is a beautiful name. This polish is a delicate grey holo, with the addition of little pastel pink and blue glitter pieces, medium and small. It's beautiful!

I first applied three coats of this polish, but it looked a little chunky and topcoat didn't smooth it out as much as I wanted - I like a smooth finish, so I decided to try something else. So for this manicure I applied two coats of Pillow Fight by Ciate, which is a nice medium grey shade. I then applied one coat of I Wished for a Castle over the top. I finished off with topcoat, and this gave a way better finish for me. 

This polish is soooo nice. What I especially like is that I can wear it for work, because from a distance it looks quite neutral, but close up there's the stunning holo, and the delicate glitters too. I really love the combination, it's genius. Sorry I didn't get a photo in the sunlight, it only came out for a few minutes today and I was too busy at work to snap a pic! Here's some I took inside, all with flash, apart from the last one which was without, and hasn't captured the holo but I included it because it shows how many glitter pieces are in there. 


  1. Really like this colour....where can you buy it from and how much is it? Xxx

    1. I should have really included that in the post - oops sorry! It was £6.50 from here: :-) xx

  2. I absolutely love that glitter on top of the grey!! Who would have thought it huh!? Xx

  3. Es un color especial, no tengo ninguno así, me parece bonito y diferente

  4. I love the idea of a holographic top coat! So versatile - I'm imagining how all my nail art would look like with a holographic top coat over it!


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