Thursday, 9 January 2014

Studded Paradise

Hello! Today I'm showcasing yet another of my Christmas polishes. This might go on for the next few weeks as I've still got lots to play with that I've not tried yet! Today I decided to apply Paradise by piCture pOlish - a brand I've seen on other blogs but never actually owned before. I got this as a gift from a friend through another Secret Santa scheme. I've really had some lovely gifts from both of my Secret Santas! 

Paradise is a beautiful mix of big and small pink glitter in like a dark turquoise/teal glittery base. It just looks stunning in the bottle - like galaxy nail-art already done! I applied three coats, and it has a lovely, muted, textured finish, with so much shimmer and depth:

I really like it! But I fancied a play around, so it wasn't long before I added some gold studs, that are from a wheel I got from Born Pretty. One at the base of each nail plus an accent nail with lots more studs - the more the better in my opinion! I stuck the studs into a wet topcoat and sealed in with another few layers - I used my new Poshe topcoat which gives a really lovely glassy finish - looks especially nice over this polish, I prefer this polish shiny rather than gritty like in the pic above. 

I really love this, and wish piCture pOlish was available in shops in the UK.... actually, maybe I don't because I would buy so many bottles!

In other news, I was excited to see yesterday that I had won first prize in Lanes Laqcuers' giveaway, which is the full set of Barry M textured polishes, plus a surprise polish! I'm so happy as it's the first blog giveaway I've won since I became part of the Nail-Blogger community about a year ago. And such amazing polishes to win too. I was just saying that I wanted to try Naileymabob's textured gradient but didn't actually have the polishes. Now I will have! Thanks Rebecca!

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  1. You're so clever using studs, and so creative. I love it and can't wait to see your version of my gradient! :)


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