Friday, 17 January 2014

Pearl Bling!


Some more really blingy nails to show off today. These were inspired by my awesome phonecase that I got for Christmas. It's covered in pink glitter, pearls and dimante. What's not to love?! Since I got it I knew I needed to have matching nails, but have been waiting for a special occasion to wear them to. I was at a party last night, so thought these nails would be perfect!

For a base coat, I went straight to my new prizes, the Barry M textured glitter collection. I couldn't decide which of the two pinky shades was most like the pink of the phone, so I went for one coat of the darker pink, Princess, under one coat of the paler pink, Duchess. I thought this gave a really gorgeous, understated sparkly pink. I totally love these polishes so far!

I then used my usual method of sticking the pearls and dimantes into a wet slowdrying topcoat, using a bit of bluetac on the end of a dotting tool, and sealing in with a few more layers of topcoat.

I bought the pink pearls on eBay, and the little silver gems came from the end of one of my nail-art pens that I've had for a while. The white pearls I've wanted for ages and been looking various places in my local town centre - I felt sure Claire's would have some in a nail-art wheel, but they didn't. I also checked the nail-art sections in Topshop, New Look, etc but no luck. I really wanted white pearls as well to mix up the look a bit. The last shop I went in was River Island, and I was thrilled to find a nail-art wheel full of studs in their sale section, with one little section in the wheel containing white pearls! Score! And it was only £1 so I grabbed two. Here are all my 'ingredients' (the white pearls were in the section near my little finger, used nearly all of them in this mani!) :

I thought they ended up matching the phone case really well, despite the phone case not having white pearls, I still loved this manicure! Unfortunately I'm back at work today so have already removed it, but it looked great last night and I had a fab time at the party!

Right hand, with flash:

Left hand, no flash:


  1. Hola!! Me encantan estos accesorios para las uñas como las perlas, quedan tan chic y elegantes!!

  2. Oooh I love those pearls!!! I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for some of those... Using the two Bazza's together was a fab idea, turned out perfect! :)

  3. This looks fab, I'm so glad you went for it in the end

    1. Thanks, it didn't actually look too bad with my dress thankfully! Xx

  4. Hello Gabby, I LOVE this mani !!! I am your number one fan like a celebrity stalker ;-) Xxxxxx

    1. Hahaha thanks mate, you can have my autograph tomorrow :-D xxx


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