Thursday, 30 January 2014

Full Mosaic Nails

Hello! I really liked my mosaic accent nail from my manicure the other day, and wanted to do a full manicure of mosaic-fingers, but with working every day I didn't have time to do them all at once! I made do with doing one or two per day, until I finally did my thumb this afternoon and finished the full set!

The one I'd done first was the blue/yellow/green one on my middle finger. For the other nails, I decided to keep the blue and yellow but drop the green (wasn't sure about it) and replace it with various other colours. I think my favourite combo is the purple/yellow/blue on my little finger, because all the soft pastels look lovely together.

On my last post a few people commented saying they didn't think they'd be able to do this design, so I took a few pics of the 'work in progress' to show how I did it, and that it doesn't look neat straight away- it pretty much looks a mess until the final white lines are added and it's cleaned up!

So after drawing the 'grid' and then roughly filling in the gaps with colour, I went over the grid again with the white pen (once fully dry, assisted by fast-drying topcoat!) and topped with more topcoat, then cleaned up the 'overspill' to neaten them up!

Slow work in progress:

 And the finished hand:


  1. I REALLY LOVE THESE :D!!! Perfectly done xx

  2. This is very pretty, I just love this

  3. I really like the colour combinations. I'm gonna have to give it a go now!!! Ps loved your blog about top coats, I'm gonna get that opi base coat too x

  4. Geniales, me han recordado al Park Güell en Barcelona!

  5. That's an amazing idea - and the colour work so well. Very pretty.

  6. I'm going to try it again - I have a white & black nail art pen, & somewhere I've got a very thin brush for doing thin lines on nails with varnish (from Avon....I've used it once & it's great, but it's got lost somewhere in my make up cupboard). My problem is trying to stop my left hand shaking when painting my right hand nails. I guees practice, practice, practice is needed.

    1. Yayyy do try it! And I have to admit I only did my right hand (I'm lefthanded!) Cos I don't think I'd have managed a design this intricate with my non-dominant hand - I reckon I could have done it, but not as neat and I would have been annoyed with myself! Xx

  7. Very pretty! And good tutorial! I will have to try this sometime soon! Good tip about using a nail art pen to finish with - thanks! :-) x


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