Friday, 31 January 2014

Nail Lacquer UK: Wink At Your Pink


Today's post co-incides with the sad news that Nail Lacquer UK is closing, so there won't be any more pretty polishes! I am lucky that I already own quite a lot and I'm still working my way through trying them out. I want to try and wear them all more - I'm getting bad at just swatching polishes, then not wearing them again due to having so many others! All my Nail Lacquer UK polishes are stunning though, and I definitely want to wear them all more.

Today I'm going to show you  Wink At Your Pink, which I got for Christmas from my boyfriend - I sent him a link to the site, and he chose! I love this one and can't believe I've only just got round to playing with it. Wink At Your Pink is a delicate mix of pale pink small glitter, combined with big pink holo circles! I don't have very many polishes with circle glitter, so this was an unusual one for me.

I started off with three coats of Pepperminty by Ciate, from my advent calendar. I loooove this shade, and as I was applying it I thought it looked very similar to the new Models Own green hypergel. It's really shiny, too! Here's a quick pic of it before I added anything else!

I then added Wink At Your Pink. At first I found it hard to get the circle glitters - I dipped the brush and painted all my fingers on one hand and didn't get a single circle! Once I started to fish for them, I found I could get a lot at once - usually about 5 all clustered together. I found a good method was to dab the circles onto the neck of the bottle, then pick them up individually and place them onto my nail. This was actually really good cos I could place them exactly where I wanted them, and avoid big clusters on the nail.

I added topcoat to smooth the glitters slightly. I looooove how the big circles catch the light! <3


 No flash:

In other news, I did finally cave and get some polishes in the Models Own sale! I told myself I wouldn't, as a lot of the hypergel colours are similar to the Gelly's/other polishes I own, and I wasn't too bothered about the advertised 'gel finish' as a good topcoat can lend that look to most polishes. But half price was just too good to ignore, especially when other bloggers kept posting pics of their nail mail, and Models Own were re-tweeting yet more!

Also, I've had a nail casualty :-( on my left hand, my middle nail is cracked about half way down...I have tried to mend with nail glue for now and it seems to be holding quite well, but I'm totally gutted! My nails are currently all at the same length, and at a length and shape I'm happy with, and if this one breaks it'll be about half the length of the others! Bad times, lets hope the glue holds!!


  1. Aww looks beautiful on you!!! Sorry to read about the broken nail, did you use only nail glue? I'd do the teabag method as it'll hold better than just glue. xx

    1. Ooh, yeah Laura (Naileymabob) suggested that too, but I haven't tried it yet cos I'm not really sure what to do, and also it sounds a bit gross! But needs must, I will go and google it now because I'm desperate to keep the length! Xx

  2. Both colors are lovely!


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