Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Purple Glitter Gradient

Hello, I have another UK Indie to show off today. I got this polish as part of a Nail-Secret-Santa I took part in with some awesome girls on Twitter. I was lucky enough to receive 3 Tara's Talons polishes in total. Tara's Talons is a brand I've not actually tried before - I'm still quite new to the UK Indie scene, and I tend to stick with sellers I've bought from before. There's a good few UK Indie makers now, and I've just not got round to trying them all, so I was thrilled to get three of Tara's polishes.

All three are glitter toppers, which suits me perfectly because these are always the ones I've been drawn to most when I've seen her polishes on other blogs. The one I'm going to show you today is one I've actually lusted after before, so my Secret Santa person has picked very well for me!

This is Vampire Bat, I think originally from the halloween collection, but I think can definitely be worn all year round. Vampire Bat is a purple glitter, but with lots of interest added in the form of different sized glitter, and the occasional addition of a speck of red, gold, blue and other shades. It's so so pretty! I didn't own a purple glitter until I got this, and it really is very beautiful!

I decided to apply this over Kiko 346, which is the only Kiko I own after buying one on a whim when I popped into the shop in Westfield. I adore this dark, muted teal shade, and thought it'd complement the bright purple glitter well. I forgot how much I love this polish - it's so smooth and SO SHINY - look at it without topcoat! I don't think any other brand I own has a finish quite like this, even the Barry M gellys. 

I'm going down to London at the weekend with my boyfriend and I'm quite heavily hinting at another little trip to Westfield, purely so I can get my hands on some more Kiko pretties!!

I then applied Vampire Bat from the cuticle upwards to create a gradient... I usually do my gradients from the tip down so I thought I'd mix it up a bit this time and try it the other way. I finished with a coat of Poshe topcoat to bring it all together.

Here's one more pic of the finished manicure, I struggled to photograph it well enough to capture both the correct shade of the Kiko, and the rich sparkliness of the glitter :-( The pic at the top of this post is with flash, and the one below is without.


  1. I do love that base colour! Lovely with the touch of glitter :)

  2. Kiko polishes are AMAZING. I love them.

  3. That Kiko polish is lush! When are we going to Westfield please?

    1. ASAP! There's one on Regent St too apparently so we could schedule that into our London trip at some point! x


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