Monday, 6 January 2014

Indian Ocean: Models Own


Here's a quick post to showcase one more of my Christmas polishes, that I was given as a gift! This is the beautiful Indian Ocean by Models Own, that I was given by my Mum and Dad... I did ask for this one, as I've had my eye on it for a while! 

Indian Ocean is a beautiful, shimmery, iridescent polish that shimmers from pale blue to lilac. I applied it over Utopia, also by Models Own. I know it was boring and predictable to do this, because I know Models Own do this combo (and call it Utopia Ocean!) as one of their duo-polishes.... I should have tried it over something more adventurous, but I knew that it would work over Utopia, so went for that. 

I've got one day left at work tomorrow before my 7 off, so these nails are really plain again, but it did give me a chance to try Indian Ocean. And I love it! The purple sheen to this is really lovely when it catches the light. Very delicate and pretty. It also applied really well - very smooth. However, if I could change one thing about Models Own polishes, I'd want slightly fatter brushes for easier application. I still love this though!

Also, it's been a year today since I started this blog, I'm just sorry I don't have a more adventurous manicure to share! Look out for some more exciting-looking nails in the coming week though! :-) x


  1. Lovely! Reminds me that I need to wear Indian Ocean again :)

  2. This looks so nice on you! Happy Blogaversary too! :)


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