Monday, 20 January 2014

Magic Goose: Amazon Rainforest

Hello. Beautiful polish to show off today! This is Amazon Rainforest by Magic Goose, which is another UK Indie brand. Amazon Rainforest is a beautiful dark green/teal/turquoise holo, and I looooove it! 

I applied this over my teal Kiko polish, which is always a winner - you can see it on its own here. I actually wore the Kiko on it's own for work today because I was in a rush and just picked something I knew needed few coats and would apply nicely. When I got home tonight, I picked up Amazon Rainforest to try over the top. I used two coats in these pics. Hopefully I can get a photo in sunlight tomorrow because I just love the colour of this holo!

Also, I've not applied a topcoat in these pics as this polish is already super-shiny! I've got one more Magic Goose polish to try out, can't wait to see how it looks, very impressed with this one :-)

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  1. El esmalte de base es bonito, un poco apagado para mi gusto, así que ha quedado genial el shimmer por encima!

  2. That colour is gorgous ! it looks like it has great smooth coverage

  3. I've just used this one too! I love Emma's polishes, I've been waiting for this one since she first previewed it!

  4. Hey,

    I've tagged you for the Liebster Award. If you want to take part check out the post on my blog, I'd love to read all your answers!

    ps. this mani is gorgeous!


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