Wednesday, 22 January 2014

More Stripes and Studs


This isn't the most original manicure today, but I think it works quite well. I was inspired by some old pinstripe nails I did a while back. I've recently created a Facebook page to showcase my nails and go alongside my blog, and I enjoyed looking through my old nail art photos as I uploaded them all. I thought that this pinstripe one looked really effective, while still being quite simple and easy to create.

I already had my nails painted with Amazon Rainforest by Magic Goose (the green) and as I have a few days off I decided to liven them up a bit with some nail art. I freehanded a stripe down the middle of each nail using another rich holographic polish - Rose Bower by a-england. I then carefully outlined each stripe using my black Barry M nail art pen (which is definitely on it's way out - I need a new one!). Still not satisfied, I then added some tiny gold studs at the base of each stripe. I finished off with a topcoat of Poshe, giving a lovely shiny finish!

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  1. I love these have such imagination.

  2. Me encanta!! las lacas de uñas son muy bonitas, y las tachuelas quedan genial!

  3. Amazing and your nails are getting soooo long- fabulous!!


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