Friday, 16 August 2013

Yellow Studded Spikes


Today is my first of 5 days off work, and I'm going out tonight so I've celebrated with bright spiky nails! Ahhh I love these. I reckon I'm going to lose a few spikes though....

 For this mani I started with a base coat of Nail Envy. I think this has really strengthened and improved the quality of my nails since I've been using it under all my manicures (about a month)...  they definitely seem less bendy and flaky. I then painted two coats of the limited edition Barry M yellow. I've already used this waaay more than I thought I would! I then freehanded pink stripes on my index and ring finger on each hand, using Barry M ...erm.... the medium pink gelly - forgot the name now! 

Thennn I stuck the spikey/square studs on individually, using a dotting tool with a little blob of blue-tac on the end to pick up the studs. The fingers inbetween got a coat of the pink Models Own discoball polish. I finished off with a few coats of topcoat- Sally Hansen's Insta-dri. I especially tried to apply a lot to the nails with studs to try and keep them on!!

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