Saturday, 10 August 2013

Mixed Mint Nails!

I've created a mixed mint manicure for tonight! This was basically because I wanted to try out my new flocking powder set, AND my new yogurt polishes from Born Pretty.

The flocking set is a Nail Rock Kit, and I got it for my birthday. It has pale green varnish/flocking powder, and three different types of studs - diamante type ones, pearl teardrops and big pearl bows. I also got a purple set that has little purple flowers instead of studs. So much stuff to use on my nails! Also I've never used flocking powder before, as I wasn't sure what I thought about it! But really wanted to try out my new stuff.

All of my nails have a base coat of Nail Envy, then two coats of w7's Spearmint.Then, from thumb to little finger, I have:
1. flecks using my new striper polishes (see previous post)
2. One coat (so much glitter!!!) of Born Pretty's Yogurt Polish #3.
3. studs from the green flocking powder Nail Rock kit
4. flocking powder!! Feels really weird, but better than I thought. Kind of like felt!
5. One coat (not so much glitter, but lovely subtle mix) of Born Pretty's Yogurt Polish #9.

I like the look of these, they're a subtle colour and all match because of the colour scheme despite the different methods used on each nail. Not sure what reaction I will get at work - I know they're a pale colour but they're very noticeable! Maybe I'll go back to plain (if I possibly can!!) for Monday. 


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