Monday, 5 August 2013

Yellow Aztec


Today's nails are inspired by (which means totally copied from) the talented Claire over at Nuthin' But A Nail Thing. I only recently saw this beautiful mani that she did back in April, and immediately wanted to give it a go. I'm rubbish at coming up with tribal designs myself, I much prefer to copy patterns so I know they're going to work out.

Unfortunately I had to rush this a bit so it isn't as neat as I could have done :-( I did it before going to work.

I loooove this yellow! It's Barry M's Summer Limited Edition polish (the one with the funky lid) and it's sooo bright. I used two coats without a white base. I then used the black, white and pink nail-art pens (will I ever get tired of these? NO <3 ) to draw on the design. It's all sealed in with a topcoat. 

Weirdly, I noticed at work that the patterned tips are tinged yellow if you look closely. I dunno if this happened when I put on the topcoat, or whether the black/pink/white isn't thick enough and it's showing through? Anyway, it's annoying and making me want to take it off, even though it looks fine!

I had a fab day yesterday seeing some of my friends, we went to see Mamma Mia in London and we all had funky nails for the occasion! Kathie's are the blue/black crackle and are nail wraps! And Bob's are the neon splatter. So colourful! :-)


  1. These are fab! You're so good at freehand now with those pens!

  2. Lovely!

    I've noticed that yellow seems to seep through and tinge whites slightly yellow, it's really weird! It happened on my penguin nails, I am not sure why! It all seems to stay white until I top coat.

    1. Ohh I'm glad it's just not me, although it is very annoying if you want yellow topped with crisp clean white! Will have to experiment. Thanks again for the inspiration :-) x


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