Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Quick Update on the Colour-Change polish


Quick post to update with further comments on the colour-change polish I showed you in the last post. The first day I wore this I LOVED it - I was constantly looking at my hands to see the colour of the polish and it did constantly change - with my temperature, the outside temp, washing/drying hands etc. I loved it! And most of the time they were kind of blue on the fingers and purple on the tips, which was a cool kind of gradient.

I really wanted to go on Born Pretty and buy the other colours, but the second day of wear was not so great. A weird thing happened where my topcoat started peeling off in strips! Not the whole lot of varnish, just the topcoat. That's never happened with any polish before - sometimes my polish peels, but the whole lot does, not just the topcoat. So it all kept coming off and ended up looking really tatty and gross. I decided to remove it at work because I can't stand messy nails, so I got out my nail-varnish remover pads I have in my bag. But they wouldn't touch it! :-( The polish stayed on. So I had to wait until I got home to scrub it off with acetone. Very weird.

So I'm not sure what my opinion is. I loved this polish and the effect it created, but I think its only good for one day of wear. And having to work really hard to get it off is a bit rubbish! Just things to know if people are considering getting a bottle!

Later tonight I have some fab nails to show you, I've been getting lovely comments all day but not had time to blog about them yet! Watch this space! Xx

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