Saturday, 17 August 2013

Update on the spikes / Sister's nails

A bit of a mish-mash post today! I wanted to post to update on my spiky nails from yesterday. I wore them for a night out, and then kept them on overnight and all day today. Last night I lost the bottom spike from each nail, but the rest stayed on pretty well, and I couldn't stop touching them!

Today, I accidentally scraped my nails across my arm and ended up with a little scrape....ahhh injured! Haha:

Sooo... spikes on nails are good for:
*Looking awesome
*Making a statement

 And not so good for:
*Doing your hair/washing your hair
*Hanging up the washing
*Stabbing your nails accidentally on your arms/face 

When I removed them just now, I saved the spikes and I definitely think I'll use them again - despite the wounds I just loved how different they looked. 

Also, I saw my sister today, and she'd experimented with her new Barry M gelly polishes and created this awesome subtle gradient. I was so proud :-)


  1. This is a interesting post, I always wondered how they wore for some time. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks, I always wonder if people leave stuff like spikes or big plastic bows/studs/shapes etc on their nails or just take them straight off after taking pics! x

  2. Yay thanks for posting my nails :D Im going to experiment tonight and do a gradient with some other colours! PS... hope your spike wound is ok! haha


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