Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Faves!

Quick post tonight because I don't have new nails to show - my Rainbow On You nails are still going strong <3

So I decided I'd share a quick pic of my "faves" box. I keep my nail varnish in three boxes and my tools (glequins, studs, brushes etc) in another. I don't sort the varnishes by colour or brand, I just sort them according to how much I use them, and this changes ALL the time. The other two boxes live down the side of the sofa, but the "favourites" box lives under my coffee table so I can get to it more easily. Here it is at the moment...

Quick run-down of what's in there... at the top there's all my Barry M gellys that I use all the time, along with my 2 LE Barry M's and my 3 glitters. In the middle are my sparkly Revlons and my Sally Hansens, including my much-used Dorien Grey and Lavender Cloud. The green I might have to move out of the box - I don't use that too much, but I only have three bottles of Sally Hansen and like to keep them all together! 

There's my w7 pastel green to the left of the Sally Hansens and I keep this here as I do a lot of mixed colour pastel designs and there's not a pale green gelly yet... There's my cheap neon orange to the left and my Model's Own neon green at the bottom, because they're summery!

Scattered about are my Claire's glitters, my Born Pretty Yogurt polishes and my new Nail Lacquer polishes, as well as a Lac Attack on the left. Lastly there's the Models Own discoball collection at the bottom - got these for my birthday and they're too beautiful not to belong in this box!


  1. You have such an amazing nail polish collection! I love the Barry M Gelly polishes, I can't wait to get some more :)

    Jade Rebecca x

  2. Love that your Lac Attack is still there! <3

  3. I'm jealous of your Barry M Gelly collection! I have 5 so far... I have my eye on another 4 or 5! x


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