Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pretty Stunning In Peach


These are my nails today, I went for something quite subtle for work. For these nails I've used two new polishes. The base is two coats of Pretty In Peach by Seventeen. This is a beautiful pale peach/orange/coral type shade. I've had it a while after my sister passed it on to me, but not got round to using it until now. In the bottle it looks like it has a bit of a shimmer and that's what put me off as I've prefered more solid colours recently. But this is a beauty! Lovely colour, less 'in your face' than Barry M's Papaya that I've been using a lot. I do like polishes by Seventeen!

The glitter gradient is created using Revlon's Stunning, that I got as a birthday present from my fab friend Kathie. It's little silver glitter and bigger holographic pieces. These were quite hard to get on the brush as they seemed to be stuck round the edge of the bottle, but with three dabby coats I managed to get some here and there.

I then added a topcoat of Sally Hansen's Insta-dri to make them all shiny :-)

I think this look is a bit subtle for me, but would be fab for a wedding or formal do. Can't wait til my days off so I can play with neons and studs!! x


  1. OMG WANT! That's such a lovely glitter!! pretty combo :)

  2. The shimmer on that coral looks pretty and goes really well with the glitter!


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