Saturday, 24 August 2013

Amazing colour-change polish!


Today I have a really intriguing polish to show you. It's this one from Born Pretty, which is a "mood" polish - it changes colour when it's hot or cold. The one I purchased turns from blue to purple, but there are other colours available.

I've been waiting impatiently for this to arrive from Born Pretty as postage usually takes a good few weeks, but it was worth the wait. I painted on two coats, and the consistency was lovely and smooth, although the polish looks quite weird in the bottle, and on the nail when wet because it kind of has flecks of different colour in it. It dries to a more solid colour - kind of purple. 

I then went and stuck my hand in the fridge to see if it would change colour, but it didn't! I also tried putting my hand into cold water - no change. I was getting really annoyed until I thought to try with HOT water - and there was an immediate change! They went bright blue! So my hands must have been really cold to start with, haha. Here's some pics of the various colour changes...apologies about the wet hands but I needed to keep dipping in the water!

Two cold (purple) and two warm (blue)

All warm and blue...

Transitioning from hot to cold...


Dunking in hot....

Result of the dunking (repeated pic but I wanted this as my "top" pic as well!)

Amazing right?! I might just keep dunking them forever....

I then decided to brighten up the look by adding some neon studs, another new purchase that came in my Born Pretty order! Maybe I should have left them plain to really highlight the colour changes, but without a glass of water the changes are more subtle depending on your temperature/the temperature of the room. Anyway, here's what I added, and what the nails look like when they're room-temp/coldish...


  1. This varnish looks really interesting. I love reading your blog, your posts have really inspired me. I'm going to have a go at dipdie ombre nails after seeing yours. Where do you keep all your varnish?

    1. Awww thankyou! I'm so unorganised, at the mo I just have three random boxes full of polish, arranged by how often I use them, and a box full of tools/studs/other stuff! X

    2. I had a try. Barrym jellys......pomegranate to the pastel pink. Its not too bad foot a first go I think. I went to a models own bottle shop yesterday, and got one of new Velvet Goth polishes. Its pretty funky. I got the black one xx

  2. nice! i like how this looks :) but not too sure if I like constantly dipping my nails in water to see a more dramatic effect!

    1. Haha! While I've had this polish on today it's actually been quite cool, changing depending on the room/outside temp, when I washed/dried my hands, when holding hot drinks etc. They've been constantly changing, it's quite awesome! X

  3. I didn't even know this existed!! It's really cool. I might have to get this. Great post :) x

  4. The colour at room temperature is really great! Once I'm off my polish ban I think I may invest in some of these!


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