Friday, 30 August 2013

Graphic Print Attempt


I was working on a design today to enter Nail Lacquer's contest. I didn't know what design to do, but wanted to try something new. This summer has been all about bright prints for me, tribal or bold shapes. I found this pic I took of a dress I saw the other week in H&M. I loved the bold colours in the print and took a pic so I could try and recreate it on nails. I don't think it went too well, as I cannot draw!! Anything beyond stripes/spots is too much of a challenge for me :-( Soooo I haven't entered this into the competition, haha.

I spend a while doing this and it did keep me amused for a good hour. Here's the dress that gave me the idea... I tried to pick a different bit of the design for each nail.

I picked out the nearest colours I had to the ones in the pattern. I didn't have a purple bright enough, and I wish I'd used a lighter blue! Here's all of the polishes I used, and my little practice design I did on paper first!

I used the black Barry M nail-art pen to draw the designs on each finger...

And then started filling in the gaps with the different colours, trying to stick to the design. I didn't use a little brush, just used the brush out of the bottle with each polish. I didn't need it to be too neat at this point as I was going to go over the black lines again at the end.

Once it was all filled in, I added a coat of matte polish as I find it's easier to draw on matte than shiny with the black pen.

And then I went over my lines again to tidy it up. 

I do like my pointer finger and my little finger, the other three are a bit rubbish due to me not being able to draw stars very well and the fact I smudged the bottom of the red star! But there we go :-) I took this off pretty quick, because I'd only done the one hand and I wasn't loving it.


  1. wow! thats amazing time and patience! love how it turned out :)

  2. Uhm... These are AMAZING! You really need more confidence in your skills cos these are just wow! :D

    1. Thanks Bobbb but I can't draw stars!! :-( hehe xx


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