Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Week 33: Ombre Nails

Hello! Firstly - aarghh, my nails! :-( They're short! I snapped my middle nail today at work, diagonally down. I tried to keep as much of the length as possible when I sorted it out but it is noticeably shorter. Had to make the other nails match, so meh, shortness.

So, the challenge for this week was Ombre. I learnt from my fellow challenge-taker Naileymabob's blog post for this weeks challenge that Ombre nails are not the same thing as Gradient nails. News to me! I have got ombre hair at the moment, which I could also call gradient hair - one colour fading into another. But apparently, in the nail art world, Ombre nails means using a different colour on each nail, from the same colour-group, getting darker/lighter/from pink to purple etc. So like a gradient, but across the entire hand.

Sooo I picked 5 of my gelly polishes that are all bright orange/pink/red and tried to order them correctly! I used, from left to right:

Passionfruit &

A full fruit-salad of delicious colours! I love all of these shades, but on this mani I especially like the three darker colours. They seem to be more gelly-like so apply more smoothly than the paler colours. The Passionfruit especially looks absolutely yummy. Not sure how "ombre" they look - I don't know if the shades should have been more similar. But I wanted to use polishes all from the same brand so they'd look the same, and these were the samey-est gellys I had!

I might doodle something over this with the black and white pens, but I quite like it simple and shiny for the moment. I'll see how I feel tomorrow!



  1. use all the gelly's! Love it :)

  2. So pretty! I never knew there was a difference either!

  3. I think it's an effective ombré. For me, the main challenge was matching the colours in the right order, but you seem to have got that done well!

    I may have another go at this after seeing how effective a simple ombré is! :-)

  4. I love this, might try it myself! The Barry M Gelly polishes are amazing x


  5. Hi Sarah, I love all your nail designs, I wish I had the patience to be more experimental with my nails!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog - enjoy!

    Jade Rebecca x

  6. I love the Barry M Nail Gellys! My favourite is Blueberry

    Followed your blog on bloglovin so looking forward to seeing your updates :)

    Megan xx


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