Friday, 9 August 2013

Multi-colour flecked tips

New nails again! I did like my sunset gradient, but the red had got all pressed into my cuticles and I couldn't get it to come out properly without messing up the rest of my nails, so I got annoyed and took it all off! I created these nails with some new goodies bought for me by my fab boyfriend. He kept getting parcels delivered to the house and I joked that I never got any parcels, so he went online and ordered me some random nail stuff! Here's what I got, and there's still another parcel to come apparently - woo!

These are lots of colours that have thin striper brushes. I'm not sure if it's actually polish or paint, because it smells weird! But the colours are fab. I used the brightest ones to create these stripes, and tried to keep it random. The base is Barry M's Lychee, and it's topped with Sally Hansen Insta-dri, as usual.

I love these striper polishes way more than I thought I would, they are really vibrant colours and go on really well. The only annoying thing is that sometimes while you're 'striping', a blob will drop off the other end of the brush. This happened with the yellow - see the base of my middle finger (tried to clean it up as best I could!)

These nails were kind of inspired by Nailasaurus' waterfall manicures, although her stripes start from the base but I thought it's be easier to have them going from the tip! I only really did it to have a play with my new things, but I've already had several people tell me they like them, which is fab!

P.S - look at my sad short thumbnail :-( 


  1. Oh! I love this :) Love how it looks! beautiful x

  2. These look fab! Find out where he get those stripers from please? :D


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