Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Week 15 - Black and White Nails

Hello! Week 15 of our challenge asked us to create black and white nails. My grey studded nails from earlier in the week had lasted really well and I was sad to take them off, but they were starting to peel/chip slightly at the edges so it was time for black and white! I didn't really have any creative ideas so decided to go with something I knew I could do - zebra print! I've only tried this once before, but it turned out quite well. 

I wish I had had more time to think of a better or more original idea, something new to try, but I've been working for 5 days and still have two more to go. I think these nails are totally NOT work nails, so I will have to hide them in gloves when I can for the next two days... they stand out way too much! Ooops. But I think anything on the black and white theme would.

For this manicure tonight I used two coats of Seventeen's white as a base (which I think is running out - boo) and my black nail art pen that I got from topshop to do the lines. It's really tricky to squeeze the pen and draw at the same time, and prevent blobs. My left hand (I'm left handed) is not great but I've included pics anyway. I've finished off with my matte top coat. It's smeared the black a bit, which I kind of knew would happen, but I wanted to see what they would look like matte! You can see before/after matte in some of the pics.

I can't wait for the Barry M nail art pens to come out, to see how they differ from the squeezy ones. I've decided I'm definitely going to buy the pink, and see how I like it. Exciting stuff!

My right hand with matte top coat:

 My left hand without top coat and without as much neatness:

What do you think? Can't wait to see what the others come up with for black and white! X


  1. These look fab Saz, especially with the matte top coat! Xxx

  2. Lovely!! I really like it with the matte topcoat. I've never tried zebra stripes before, maybe I'll have to now. :)

  3. Hi Sarah! I nominated you for the 'best blog' award :) Check it out here: http://theperfectlypolishedlife.blogspot.com/2013/04/best-blog-award-nominee.html


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