Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I got it! - Sally Hansen Big Money

I posted last week that I've been lusting after Sally Hansen's Big Money for a while. When I got paid I decided to go ahead and buy it even though it was more than I usually like to spend on nail varnish... and it arrived yesterday! I got it from the Superdrug website. 

It certainly didn't disappoint! This polish has fine gold glitter and larger, pale pink glitters. It's really dense and gives a really good coverage just with one coat, but I went for 3 just to see how it built up. Look how shiny and beautiful this looks! Can't stop looking at my nails and I'm going to spam you with pics of it now. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. 

I finished off the look by completely covering an accent nail in pink glequins, which are a similar pink to the glitter in Big Money. 

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  1. I love your ring nail! looks so jewellery :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! this is such a beautiful polish x


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