Monday, 1 April 2013

Grey with a bit of Sparkle

I know I've just done my Easter nails, but I wasn't really happy with them so they came off pretty quickly! I wanted to play again with my glequins, and knew I needed to choose some neutral colours again or it might look too much. I went with my trusty Dorien Grey by Sally Hansen, and started with two coats. I then painted the top of each nail, french manicure style, with Smoke Signal by Seventeen. I didn't bother making it too neat as I then covered up the join with a row of glequins. I used a dotting tool to pick each one up and put it in place.

I finished with a topcoat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which I've already had to buy a new bottle of. My old one (I've only had it a couple of months) has gone a bit gloopy and discoloured. I think this is partly my fault as I've used it over not-quite-dry nails to dry them quickly! I'll try to be more careful with my new bottle, as I definitely can't afford to keep buying a new one every few months!

For some reason I've not managed to make these nails as neat as my last glequin manicure and I'm not as happy with them as I was with the last ones. Here are some pics anyway! 


  1. These look very nice and quite sophisticated-very work appropriate but still lovely and sparkly!

    1. Thanks - and I've just realised that pink and grey are the colours of my uniform at work anyway - so I matched well! X


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