Monday, 15 April 2013

My Stash! (Ask A British Nail Blogger)

 Ask A British Nail Blogger: How do you store your polish?

I thought I would take a few quick pictures to answer this question! Firstly, I don't have loaaads of polishes, although since I began this blog my collection has been expanding rapidly, with new bottles bought more or less every week. By following other blogs I'm constantly learning about new brands, tools or accessories that I should look out for, and I'm trying not to let myself spend too much. I don't like spending more than about £3 on one bottle of polish - I'm cheap! I like 3-for-2 deals where I can get more for my money, unless it's something really special (like my new Sally Hansen Big Money!!)

I used to keep all my polish and tools in one box. I then acquired some polishes from a friend, meaning one more box, which I also started to fill up. Soon I had three boxes full, and more.... here is my stash:

This is what you're seeing left to right...
1. My 'boxed' kits. I've had these bought for me as people know my love for nail stuff! I don't buy expensive brands for myself so it's nice to get them as gifts. There's the Bling It On Feather set by Nails Inc and the Ciate Caviar set, both from my boyfriend. At the back there's a Rio Nail Art kit I got for christmas with a few useful bits in depending on what I'm doing!
2. This is my toolbox(/old biscuit tin)! I decided at the beginning of the year that I needed a separate box just for tools and 'extras'. In here I'll find my brushes, nail art pens, studs, rhinestones, striping tape, glequins, sequins, loose glitter, stickers, sponges and nail files, scissors, clippers etc. At the top are my base/topcoats which also live in this box at the moment due to there being no room in the other 2 boxes. And now I always know where to find them!
3. The pink plastic box used to be my only box! I now use it as a box for my favourite/most-used polishes. In it at the moment are all my new Barry M gellys, my Sally Hansen's, Seventeen, a few Accessorize polishes, and quite a lot of my glitters.
4. This is my over-flow box, containing polishes I'm not currently obsessed with. They're all useful colours and I use them occasionally in different art, but don't use them regularly. I've used the lid as an over-flow in this pic, these are usually just piled on the top when the box is closed.

So that's about it! I don't sort by colour or brand (although I like keeping my Barry M's all together cos they look nice!) because I don't have the room, and I also have so many different brands it'd be difficult to use that to sort them by.

^ I keep the toolbox and the box with my 'most-used' polishes under the coffee table in our living room so they're always to hand. The over-flow box is hidden behind the sofa, and the kits are in the bookshelf. Our house isn't massive and I'm aware that my boyfriend doesn't want my nail stuff everywhere, so I try my best to keep it neat and tidied away!

There are definitely some polishes in the 'rarely used' box that are exactly that - but I daren't throw them away in case they might come in handy in the future! I am going to try to be ruthless though - I don't really have the space to expand to a fourth box!

Have a look how other British Nail Bloggers store their stash (probably a lot more organised and neater than mine...)


  1. Great post! I keep my polishes in boxes too! (also don't forget to click the Add your Link button at the end of the post and add your link to the Inlinkz collection!)

  2. You have a huge collection of nail art as well as nail polish but for me only nail polish.


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