Saturday, 13 April 2013

Barry M nail-art pen in pink!

Yesterday I finally managed to get my hands on one of Barry M's new nail art pens. I know, a few days late to the party, but I've been at work and yesterday was my first chance to go shopping. I didn't want to get all the colours straight away as they're £4.99 each, so I decided to just go for the pink to see how it worked, before deciding if I wanted/needed the others. I have squeezy nail art pens in black, white and silver, but not in pink, so thought this would fill a gap!

As it was 3-for-2 in Superdrug on Barry M nail stuff, my sister persuaded me to pick up two gelly colours I've liked for a while but resisted buying because I have similar shades in my collection already.... Blueberry and Prickly Pear. So glad I bought them, so shiny, and lovely pastel colours for spring.

I took off my Spice-Nails last night, and painted my nails with the blueberry, with an accent nail on each hand in prickly pear. Beautiful colours! I waited til this morning before playing with the pen as I'd read your nails need to be totally dry before using the pen, which makes sense. I had no idea what designs I wanted to create, so just went for a bit of a mixture to test how the pen works. It's really different to a normal nail art pen! I know others have said this, but it just literally draws like a felt pen or gel pen. I kept realising I was trying to squeeze the bottle and press down for it to come out, but you don't need to do this. It comes out in a continuous, steady line and doesn't blob. Fantastic!

I found that the pink could be a bit sheer - it didn't give total coverage and looked a bit patchy sometimes. But I reckon this could be sorted out by adding a second layer once dry, or using it over a colour that wasn't as bright as my blue. But this is a very very minor point, and obviously won't be an issue with the black (and maybe the white)

I found as well that if you make a mistake, you can just wipe it off without messing up the nail varnish underneath. You have to be quite quick to do it before it dries, but it does just wipe off if still wet.

I loooove this pen. I now just need to think of lots of ideas in how to use it. It's definitely going to make my nail art neater, and I'm seriously going to consider getting one (or more!) of the other colours. In the photo at the top of this post, I finished off with a matte top-coat. Here's a few photos before I did so... my favourite designs/doodles are on my ring finger and little finger.

I've edited this to add another pic - finally got round to doing a design on my left hand too - much harder to keep a steady hand as I'm left handed!


  1. I love your ring finger :D

  2. I really need to get (at least) one of these babies, they're so awesome! And they look so good matted, I'm surprised because I don't normally enjoy matte nails...maybe I need a matte topcoat too!

    1. I don't usually like matte either, I like my nails to be really shiny! But for some looks, it just seems to work. I've got Rimmel's - it wasn't too pricey :-)


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