Saturday, 6 April 2013

Golden Grey

I painted my nails grey (dorien, obviously) yesterday ready for my 7 days at work. My uniform is grey, so thought that this would be a nice neutral look. However, I've had some time today and couldn't resist blinging them up. I wasn't going to do much at first, as I still wanted them to look subtle. But once I had studded one nail, I had to carry on! 

I love studs on nails! I'm so glad that I bought my little stud wheel from Born Pretty, because I've still got loads of different shapes and sizes to use in different designs. And there are so many, especially of the small ones like I've used today. 

I stuck on each stud individually, by painting a thin coat of clear topcoat on the nail. I then picked up each stud using a dotting tool (a pen or cocktail stick would work too) with a tiny blob of bluetack on the end. If the stud went down in slightly the wrong place, I could nudge them slightly with the dotting tool to line them up as I wanted. 

I created the gold gradient on every other finger using my Barry M glitter. I finished off with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, and I might add a further coat on the studded fingers, to stop them pinging off! I've just ran my fingers through my hair and one got a bit caught, so I'll definitely be adding that second coat.

I do love this look! It might be a little OTT for work, but hopefully it should be okay.

Also I've been looking at KBshimmer polishes today, and I want them ALL so badly! They're so beautiful, but I can't justify spending all that money on my nails.... can I?


  1. Yes you can! Buy them all! :-)

    i love this manciure. The gold works well over Dorien Grey! :) xxx

  2. Ah this is gorgeous! I want some studs now x


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