Saturday, 20 April 2013

Studded Greenberry Tips

Tonight's manicure was inspired by my friend & colleague Jenny, who had done herself a beautiful white-tipped french manicure for work earlier this week. In a spare moment, she tried using Barry M's Greenberry on the tip instead, to see what it'd look like. And I thought it looked fab! So that's what I went for today. 

I decided that I wanted to add something else. I first tried adding a pink line on the 'join' with my new Barry M nail-art pen, but I didn't think it looked quite right - I couldn't get it as neat as I wanted, so quickly wiped it off before it dried (I love that you can do that!)

I then decided to add some studs. I am a firm believer at the moment that studs make everything better! My first idea was the little row of tiny gold studs, but I wanted a bit of variation. Using my wheel of studs from Born Pretty, I picked a little selection. I used a tiny blob of bluetack on the end of a dotting tool to pick each stud up individually, and stick it down onto a wet top-coat. This was quick and easy to do. 

I'm pleased with this look, I'm just not sure if it's a bit over the top and blingy.... I do love it though! It reminds of Bollywood for some reason - must be the colour and bling. 

What do you think? x


  1. I love this!!!! I don't think it's over the top :)

  2. Thanks guys! Quite a few have pinged off now after a day hard at work, but I definitely want to try this again, maybe with pink tips? :-D x


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