Thursday, 16 May 2013

Toxic Tribal


Here are my nails tonight. I love doodling with the Barry M pens! 

I treated myself again today... I've been lusting over Models Own for months now, but have never bought a bottle due to the cost. I had another browse of the stand today, and as it was three-for-two (I like my offers!) I decided it was about time I added some to my collection. I then spent an agonising amount of time choosing what I wanted. In the end I went for a complete mix. A neon polish - I picked the green (Toxic Apple) because I felt it was the most unusual. A new 'flaked' polish - there is a proper name for these but I can't remember it. I saw swatches on another blog earlier this week and loved the way the shimmered! I was really stuck between the blue and the purple, but I picked the purple in the end because there was a bigger contrast between the colour of the polish and the colour of the flaky-bits. And finally I wanted a glitter - I was going to pick Ibiza Mix, a multi-coloured glitter, but I eventually settled on the gold glitter as I thought I'd end up using it more, and I loved the different sized/coloured glitter pieces. So there we go - I hope I've justified my purchases!!

So tonight I painted my nails with the neon green. I started with a base-coat of white to help the green stand out. But after three coats of Toxic Apple, the polish was still a bit un-even and streaky. I'd be interested to try it on a bare nail to see how opaque it is. Anyway - this didn't really matter as I was planning to get busy with my nail art pen (Barry M). I doodled a tribal design over all of my nails, using various ideas from items of clothing and other tribal nail art I'd seen and liked, including some of these fab patterns from Nail Wish. I topped it all off with a coat of Insta-Dri - my bottle is running low again! :-(

I love these nails, but unfortunately I can only keep them on for tomorrow - I'm going to a wedding on Friday and these so won't go with my dress, lol. I've got some pretty (but simple, as I'll have to do it in the hotel beforehand) nail-art planned that'll be more wedding-appropriate. Then after that I can try out my 2 other new Model's Own polishes - yey!

More pics of my neon tribal design.... here is my right (good) hand again:

And my left (non-dominant!) hand:

And another two pics with the flash - it reaaaally brings out the neon!!!

Edited to add that I saw this in Boots earlier! I knew their stands were empty for some reason, but didn't know this was why! :-( Wonder what's up...


  1. I love the tribal patterns you've done and the green neon. I've been after some neon paints for a while so might give the model's own ones a shot. I've got their white and that doesn't go too streaky!

  2. Love it! I'm a big green fan and that one looks amazing! Especially with those patterns on!

  3. Brilliant design! Can't beat a bit of tribal :D x


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