Monday, 6 May 2013

Circus Nails


I called these circus nails because that's what all the colours remind me of. I love these, I think they're my favourite creation ever! So many pretty colours! Can't stop looking at them. I have had these on about 36 hours now, including with a busy day (at the zoooo!) yesterday, and only about 5 glequins have fallen off. Score!

I used Miss Sunshine by Accessorize (the yellow) and Endless by Color Club (the pink), the latter of which is from my new Color Club Kaleidoscope mini collection. It's very similar to my other favourite pale pink, which is good! Anyway, I used two coats of each, most nails yellow and an accent pink on each hand. 

I then picked up my set of 12 glequin-colours that I bought for an absolute bargainous price from Born Pretty, and tipped a little of each out onto a magazine (so they didn't go everywhere). It's quite hard to just tip out how many you need - with a few colours I ended up spilling loads! But there are SO many in each pot, there's no need to worry about running out. 

I used the end of a small dotting tool to pick up a random colour from the pile and placed them around the edge of each nail, on top of a wet top coat. I finished with another coat of top-coat to seal them in. People have commented that it must have taken ages, but it was actually quite quick! Here's some more pics, sorry about the amount, but I wanted to show off the shinyness! Also, my nails are much shorter than in my last blog post, I filed them down to make it easier to practice with my contact lenses. I actually don't mind them this short.

Lastly, I spent a fab day at London Zoo yesterday with some awesome friends, most of whom did their nails for the occasion. Naileymabob's are the pink and green leopard print, and Kathie's are the white with black outline. So much prettiness!

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  1. These are so nice :) Andi if I'm not mistaken I think Benedict Cumberbatch agrees.


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