Friday, 24 May 2013

Mermaid Tears makes me cry

A quick blog post to review Model's Own Mermaid Tears. This is the purple one from the Splash collection and looks absolutely beautiful in the bottle, as do all of the other colours. 

However, putting it on is a different story. It's a nightmare! I applied this polish over a base of Barry M's Prickly Pear and Blueberry. 

The jelly-like base the glitter/foil pieces are suspended in is really thick and gloopy and gunky - unlike any polish I've got. It's like wallpaper paste or something! It's really hard to get any of the foil pieces onto the nail without putting a massive amount of the goop on too. Then you have to prod it around so it's sitting right, which just makes the goop more goopy. Ahhhh it's so gross and messy and difficult! And cos it ended up being so thick, it took an age to dry, even with a top-coat. 

  Here's what it looked like - not too bad, but it felt really thick and horrible, and I took it off almost straight away. Don't think I'll be using it again which is a shame, because I really loved the other two Model's Own polishes I bought. Meh!

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  1. OHHH I am so disappointed as this one looked amazing in the bottle :(


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