Friday, 3 May 2013

Studded Royal Blue

 Hello! I recently bought this Color Club Mini set from TKmaxx. I have read on other blogs that this is quite a good make, and quite nicely discounted in TKmaxx. In my local shop there were a few different collections, but the blue in this one really caught my eye. The collection is called Kaleidoscope and cost me £3.99.

The bottles aren't labelled, but through googling I believe this blue is called Bright Night. In these pics I've used two coats. It applies beautifully, the colour is so strong and bright and like no other polish I have. It definitely didn't disappoint! 

As soon as I saw the colour I knew I wanted to team it with some gold studs, so I again turned to my stud wheel from Born Pretty. I added little circular gold studs to my fingers and the larger heart studs to my thumbs. This look has lasted all day despite an epic shopping session with none of them pinging off - bonus!

Sad news though - I went to the opticians today to find out about getting contact lenses. I've never worn them before, so they wanted to see I was capable of putting them in and taking them out before they sold me any. I could put them in okay, but when it came to taking them out, my nails really got in the way! :-( I ended up tearing one of the lenses with my nail - grooooss. I reckon I'm going to have to cut my thumbnail and first fingernail down if I'm going to safely be able to do my own lenses, and that'll mean I'll have to cut the others down to match. Sad sad times, I don't like my nails short! I've only stopped biting them in the last few years so having them long is still a wonderful novelty. Woe!

Anyway, here's some more pics of my long, shiny blue nails.

Oh oh, I also found this salon when I was out shopping at Meadowhall in Sheffield today! They must be fab if they're also called Mint Nails, hehe:

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  1. Ooh so, so pretty!! I love that blue!
    I didn't get on with soft lenses as my eyes are really dry but I got rigid gas permeable lenses a month ago. They are horrible to get used but they give you amazing vision once you are and also, they are hard so you can't tear them. I don't struggle with my long nails with them. Worth looking into :D xx


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