Saturday, 25 May 2013

£2 Speckle Gradient


As you've probably seen in an earlier post, I got a handful of polishes from Claire's Accessories a few days ago due to them being £1 each! I pondered for ages over which to pick up, but as soon as I saw these two I had to have them. There was a blue as well, but it was similar to a speckle polish I already have. 

On the receipt they're just called Pink Speckle and Grey Speckle, even though I think the grey one is more brown. I was desperate to try them out together, so came up with this simple gradient. Both the colours are so pretty, and so perfect for spring/summer. I especially love the grey/brown shade. (apologies about my gross dry skin, I definitely need to make more time to moisturise! I have in the 2nd pic but not in the first...)

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