Monday, 27 May 2013

Chicken Jelly Sandwich

Eww, that title sounds gross! I've named this blog post as I did because basically, I was going to do a "jelly sandwich" mani, where you have a layer of colour, a layer of glitter then another layer of colour, so the glitter is sandwiched inside. However when I got to the last stage, I chickened out after one nail!

I think the yellow I used is a little thick, cos it really covered up the glitter a lot, just in one coat. And I much preferred it all sparkly and visible. So I didn't do the rest of my nails with the top coat of yellow. 

I used Chit Chat's multi-coloured glitter. I've had this for ages, I got it from poundland. And I'd seen it used in a fab mani my friend Kathie did - I just still never got round to using it myself. Now I have used it, I'm really pleasantly surprised! You get loads of glitter in each coat, big chunks and small pieces and they spread really well across the nail - you don't need to do much prodding to get it where you want it. In the pics I've used two coats, but only out of curiosity to see what it'd look like. 

 The yellow is Miss Sunshine by Accessorize. Sparkly fingers! This was just a quick mani for tomorrow, as I am planning to change them again tomorrow evening for a day out I have planned on Wednesday! Oh well - more manis, more blog posts...

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  1. Pretty! I like it better without the yellow on top. :)


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