Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lots of lines

Another manicure using the fab Barry M nail-art pens! 

For this one, I started last night by painting all of my nails with Barry M's Papaya gelly. I used two coats, and then left to fully dry overnight. Then today (at work) I very slowly began to use the black and white pens to add various different patterns of lines and stripes on each nail, leaving a gap where I wanted there to be an orange stripe. I could only do this in bits whenever I had a break, so it took practically all day! I did one nail at a time then topped with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. 

I feel like I should explain why I could do this at work today... as you might know I work at a train station, and today I was sat monitoring trains that came in and out of the station, and announcing them when needed. My eyes and voice were busy, but my hands were free to doodle - on my nails!

It was way more difficult to do my left hand, I was too shaky. I had to do my middle finger all over again, and the rest are a bit wobbly. They look alright from a distance, and I think the overall effect is pretty cool! :-D

I found that the white pen was easier to work with than the black for some reason - the black is still really good and much easier than other nail art pens, but sometimes it applied a bit weirdly, as if the surface of my nail was too slippy/oily. But this only happened with the black, never the white - maybe the consistency of the ink/paint inside is slightly different. Nothing too serious though! Maybe the gelly is just too shiny to draw on?!

Here's my right hand again, and the pic at the bottom is my wobbly left!


  1. Oooh, they look so good! I bet if you didn't tell people it was the nail art pens they'd be super impressed because it looks like you spent ages with striping tape getting it right! Love em =)

    (I have also found the black doesn't like shiny nails-it always slips a little over them if I've topcoated them before using it)

    1. Oh I'm glad it's not just me who's had the little problem with the black! Weird! X

  2. I love this! Your left hand looks really good! I like how the stripes are not too straight, it makes them look more.. friendly? Or something? haha :)

  3. These are incredible! I wish I had a steady hand so I could do this on my own nails! x

  4. Really cool and funny you got to do it at work!! :) x


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