Friday, 24 May 2013

Mini Stash and £1 Claires Offer!


Posting this primarily to let you guys know about a fantastic offer I stumbled across in Claire's Accessories today. All their polish was £1!!!!! This was all of their bottles, including crackle, glitters, sprinkles, topcoats etc. They're usually £2.25, which is good anyway, so I was super happy. I was quite restrained and treated myself to five. According to the poster, this was 'while stocks last' but I doubt they'll last long so get yourselves there!

I've also been on a fab mini-break to Cardiff with my friends this week. We all love our nails, so I did acquire some stuff while we were there, including a massive bottle of acetone from Sally's (we don't have one here in York!), a lovely Sally Hansen from poundland called 'Loves me Not' and a brilliant Lac Attack (a trade with my brilliant friend Naileymabob) from the Harry Potter collection called Beauxbatons Academy. Here's a piccie of my newest additions:

And a close-up of the Sally Hansen because it looks fab and sparkly in the bottle, and also the two 'sprinkle' polishes from Claire's - they're both beautiful - never seen them before but they were in the offer so I didn't even have to think about picking them up.

Also, I had to have pretty nails over my little break, but I forgot to take a good quality pic - duh! Here's a couple of pics from my phone. I used w7 Spearmint as a base, to go with the greeny glitter bits in Model's Own Disco Inferno (aka my new baby!) ... I did an accent nail using born pretty square studs.

I'm a bit behind as I've been away, but I'll shortly post my review of Beauxbatons Academy, My new Model's Own Splash polish and some of my newer stuff.


  1. Tee hee I raced to Claire's when I heard the news, and bought 6! Including 3 leather effects that are usually £4!


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