Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Eye Eye!


I've been away in Amsterdam for the weekend with my friends, and we had a fab time! For my nails, I decided to paint them with 'Shades' from the new Models Own 'Polish For Tans' collection - definitely the nicest shade from the collection in my opinion. I wanted to paint them one simple colour so that I could take that polish with me and touch up any chips (I always manage to chip my nails after a few days and I was away for four!)

I couldn't resist adding a bit of nail art however, so used the Barry M pens to draw an eye design on one finger on each hand. I was inspired for this by a mani I saw on Instagram by @thenailtrail where she'd drawn a similar eye on a bright yellow background - gorgeous! 

Sorry about the quality of these pics, they're from my phone! The last one is a pic of my nails with my friend's who was wearing two polishes from the new Barry M aquarium collection.


  1. The eye design made me smile because I've just started rereading the Series of Unfortunate Events books for my blog and there are lots of eyes to spot throughout the series. Now it feels like they're spotting me!


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