Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Revlon Parfumerie - Ginger Melon!


As soon as I heard about the new Parfumerie collection by Revlon and saw the cute bottle design, I knew I had to treat myself to at least one! The Parfumerie collection is a range of scented polish with really unusual scents to select from. I read about a lot of the polishes on other blogs before I chose which one I wanted to purchase - I chose Ginger Melon both for the colour (bright coral/pink) and for the described scent (sweet and fruity). 

Firstly - the colour and application. I loved the rich corally pink shade of this, so summery! I applied three coats and the colour built up nicely, but even after three coats you could still see my nail line and slight imperfections on my nails through the polish as it was very sheer and jelly-like. I didn't use a topcoat as this would have masked the scent.

The polish doesn't smell in the bottle - it has to be applied to the nail and be dry before it begins to give off it's scent. I was surprised by how strongly sweet this polish smelt - it kind of reminded me of fruity sweets like Skittles or Starburst, or like fruity bubble-gum. I do love sweet scented things - in Lush I will bypass all the products with subtle smells, or smells like mint or lavender and go straight to the products that smell like sweeties! However, this polish smell was almost TOO sweet - I did still like it though and couldn't stop sniffing it! 

The downside is that as a topcoat can't be used, I got a lot of tip-wear and also the polish would leave marks on white things my nails brushed against, like paper and my white walls! Also I wasn't happy with it still being semi-sheer after three coats. But I did love the scented aspect and the gorgeous bottle design. 

Still undecided if I want to buy more - when I was in Boots in Oxford Street last week there was a Revlon display with swatches of all the polishes on nail-sticks for customers to smell. Me and my friend had a lovely chat with the lady running the display, and took our time smelling all the different polishes and looking at the shades and discussing our likes and dislikes with her! I was tempted by a few - but it's difficult to choose one that both smells good and is a pretty shade - for example, I loved the smell of Espresso (coffee!) but it was just plain black, and I already have a black polish!

Here's a few more pics of Ginger Melon - Apologies, these are from my phone again as I didn't have time to take any on my proper camera!


  1. I've wanted these for a while now. Ginger melon sounds like it would smell nice.

  2. I use mine with a top coat for prolonged wear and you can still smell the scent. It does fade after about 24/36 hours, but then polish is often coming off by then. I have Wintermint (lovely mint) and Autumn Spice (kinda spicy) and I think the top coat does tone the scent down to more "managable' levels

    1. I loooove the colour/glitter of Wintermint, it's so unusual, but I'm not keen on the smell - I did loooove Autumn Spice though!

  3. This is lovely. I only have one and I'm now wondering why I didn't choose this one!
    I found that the smell stayed even after a top coat for a few days, by which time I think everyone was sick of me asking them to smell my hands!

    1. Ooh cheers, I will use a topcoat next time so it lasts longer! And yeah, everyone at my work had a smell and we all ended up looking pretty weird!! Xx


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