Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MoYou Stamping - Hearts


Exciting post today - I was contacted last week by MoYou nails and asked if I could review some of their stamping plates. I eagerly agreed as I've never actually tried stamping before despite seeing the method used on a lot of other blogs, and really wanted to give it ago. I was given a small selection of plates to choose from, and picked a plate with heart designs and one with cartoon eyes/faces and owls on. I also received a stamping polish (I chose black), a stamper and a scraper, as well as the 2014 MoYou catalogue which is full of lots more tempting plates and other goodies!

As I said, I've never tried stamping before so was a bit unsure of what to do and whether I'd be able to produce a decent manicure! For my first attempt, I began by creating a gradient using Guava, Greenberry & Sugar Apple by Barry M. 


Once this had dried, I selected one of the designs from the 'heart' plate, and applied this to my nails. I found it surprisingly easy to do - you have to take your time and be quick an careful, but I managed to get the stamp to appear crisp and (nearly) full on each nail. I did manage to get the black polish everywhere though! 

I finished with a shimmery topcoat to finish off the manicure, however I don't think I waited long enough for the black polish to dry and it ended up smudging slightly - this was my own fault because I'm used to my nail art pens drying almost instantly - I forgot this was actual polish and might take a bit longer, and I will bear this in mind with future manis!

I'm eager to try lots more manicures with the other designs on the plate, and am already considering buying some more plates that have larger patterns/designs on them for my longer nails. I definitely want to practice more so I can become better and more precise at stamping! I did find it easier than I thought though, and was impressed with the products I received.


  1. That stamp is so cute! And I love it on top of that gradient. :)

  2. It's so exciting the MoYou contacted you! I've never tried stamping before either but your first try looks amazing! The gradient is flawless - I think I'll definitely be trying the colour combination out! :)


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