Thursday, 8 May 2014

Doodles on Yellow


I had a day off yesterday, and wanted to do some brightly coloured nails. I painted them yellow - this gorgeous colour is one of Barry M's Limited Edition summer shades from last year and took just two coats.

I couldn't decide on one specific design, so decided to just freestyle a different design on each nail, inspired by various patterns and manicures that I like at the moment, just to practice my freehand and see what looked effective and what didn't. As usual, I used the black and white Barry M nail art pens for the designs, and a topcoat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. 

Right hand:

Left hand:

Both together!:

I think my favourite designs are the eye (loving eye designs at the moment!) and my stripy outlined thumb from my right hand, and the anchor on my left hand. I'm definitely going to use the anchor design in a more classically nautical mani soon I think!


  1. this design is totally awesome!

  2. The design on your pointer finger with the hash symbol and swirl looks like the doodles I make when I'm on the phone. :-)

    I like your anchor design too, I think that would look good on a blue background for a day at the seaside. ;-)


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