Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pastel Rainbow Gradient


Another gradient to show today - gradients always make me happy! This time I wanted to create a full rainbow of colours. I selected pastels for several reasons, one because they seem to blend together really well, two because I'm at work and my nails can't be too 'in your face' and three because clean-up is always easier with lighter colours!

I picked Miss Sunshine (Accessorize) Sugar Apple & Huckleberry (Barry M) and Pink Veneer (Models Own). I also started off by using a pastel purple between the blue and the pink, but realised I didn't need it because the blue and the pink blended together really well creating their own shade of purple. 
Sorry about the state of all the bottles in the folllowing pic, I'm so messy!

I used the usual sponge method, dabbing the sponge higher/lower each time to blend the colours. This took about three rounds of 'dabs' on each nail to get the colour to this level. I finished off with my new Nails Inc topcoat which I love! And I forgot to mention that before I began the gradient I started off with a base coat of the lightest colour I was going to use which was Huckleberry in this case.

This was really hard to photograph so I only have the photo at the top which is from my phone - my camera washed these out and they just looked white! They do look really nice in real life though, I'm really pleased with them :-)


  1. Oh that looks so pretty! Plus your gradient is fantastic, so smooth!

  2. This gradient is so pretty! The colours work so well together! :)

  3. These are awesome, perfect gradients!! Inspired me to give gradient-ing another go... x

  4. Such cute colours- reminds me of kawaii Japanese cartoons!


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