Wednesday 30 April 2014

Cath Kidston Roses...


All I seem to be doing recently is flowery nails - definitely embracing spring! Flowers on nails is not something I've really experimented with in the past as I thought they looked too intricate and fiddly, but I wanted to try something I'd not tried in the past. 

I've had a picture saved in my 'inspiration' folder for ages, which was this manicure by Cazzy of SpecialGirl Nails. She did this quite a while ago, and I loved it! I also took inspiration from loads of flower/roses manicures I've seen on instagram. 

I used my new purchase, Sugar Apple by Barry M for the base - three thin coats. I looove this shade, it's so me! I then used Pink Veneer by Models Own to paint on rough circles for the roses. I just used the brush from the bottle for this. I used the white Barry M Nail Art Pen to add dots, then once the pink of the roses were dryh, I used the pink pen to add the 'petal' details. All topped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri

I didn't intend these to look so Cath-Kidston-esque but they really do! I love how fresh and spring-like they look - I hope they last a good couple of days! This first pic (below) is from my phone and captures the colours slightly more accurately than in the following pics (from my camera) x


  1. These are so lovely! Sugar Apple looks amazing, such a pretty colour :) I also love the little dots you added, it's a really cute design!

  2. This looks amazing! I'm very impressed, :).

    Toria (

  3. Love these, they're like little works of art on your fingertips! ;-)


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