Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Eggs

Hello! Quick update on the manicure I posted yesterday. I used three of the Polish For Tans collection, and after a few days wear they were looking past their best. To spruce them up for Easter, I used my white nail art pen to turn them into easter eggs - helped by the shape of my nails, especially my index finger! I then went over each nail with different OPI Sheer Tints - I love how they look over both white and over bright colours. I love how they make the white pen look coloured! Here's a quick pic from my previous post to show how my mani looked before I added the sheer tints - the differences in colour is fab!

On my thumb, index and middle finger I have a base of Shades, which is like a neon pinky-coral. On my thumb, I topped it with the blue sheer tint, which turned it a bit darker. This blue was a bit heavy, and looked a bit streaky. On my index finger I added the purple sheer tint, which was less heavy, and made the pink less neon, but still super-bright. I especially love my middle finger, which I've topped with the yellow sheer tint. It turned the pinky shade bright orange, and the white of the pen to a lovely yellow - so good for easter! I did think the yellow sheer tint would be the one I used least from the set, but I don't think that now!

On my ring finger I have a base of Sun Hat, which was bright barbie pink. I added the blue sheer tint again (and it was a bit heavy/streaky again) ... it turned the pink kind of purple. My little finger has a base of Beach Bag, an orange/coral. I added the red sheer tint here, which made the coral more of a bright orange, and the white pen went pale pink.

I think my favourite combinations are definitely the yellow over Shades (middle finger) and the red over Beach Bag (little finger). I want to try Sheer Tints over every polish I have now, to see how they'd look! And I'm really happy how it turns the nail-art pen a different colour - I use my pens in practically all my nail art but am limited to the fact that there's only black, white and being able to add a subtle tint over the top to change the white to another pastel shade has many possibilities!!

Happy Easter everyone! :-)


  1. love it, love the colors :)

  2. These look great! And I love how you used the sheer tints as well :)

    1. Thanks Robin! I'm loving the sheer tints! x

  3. This is A PLUS. A super fun mani refresh! Yay sheer tints!


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