Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Pyramid of Solid Glass...



I've been on an awesome adventure today. Me and my boyfriend took his little boy to one of my favourite places ever - The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire. I've been as a child and then taken brownie packs more recently, and it's just so awesome. It's a big, sprawling garden full of pathways, tunnels, doorways and surprises. You explore, and are given a list of things to look out for - a statue of a demon that squirts water, rocks with faces, a tiny door, and a pyramid of solid glass! This last thing I always remember, because I remember thinking how awesome it was when I was younger! Here it is (looking a bit mucky, it was under a tree that was dropping stuff all over it so the white bits weren't very white!) ...and you can see it from above....

...And below when you find one of the underground passageways - seeing the colours better here <3

To recreate this on my nails, I used a base of Pepperminty (pale green) by Ciate. I then drew on the mosaic pattern with white nail art pen, and filled the gaps with other shades of green - Greenberry by Barry M, then my Kiko (the khaki kind of shade) and a Color Club (the kind of forest green). Once this was dry I went over the white lines again with my nail art pen, and sealed in with topcoat. Loved how these turned out!

Here they are with the pyramid!!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a great time! To say I live in Yorkshire I've never been to the Forbidden Corner! The pyramid looks so pretty and just like your nails! I love the colours you've used - they work really well together! :)


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