Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Freckles Polish - Gypsy Lucky Heather


Showing off another of my purchases from Freckles Polish today. This one is called Gypsy Lucky Heather which I think is a great name, and it's the one I knew I definitely wanted when I saw which polishes had been released. This is a lilac base with different sized glitter in red, blue and purple and big silver circles. So unique!

With the previous Freckles Polish I tried, I layered one coat over a similar shade. This time I thought I'd try just using two coats of the polish with no base. I also added a matte topcoat in these pics (forgot to take a pic of it shiny, argh!)

I still love this polish, especially the purple colour, it's gorgeous and I got some nice comments about it at work! I think if I wore it again though, I'd go back to my method of applying just one coat over a similar base shade - the purple is sooo opaque (which I like!) that a second coat completely covered up the glitters in the first coat and ended up looking a bit thick/gritty in places. I think I'd actually like this polish even more without the big circles - but that's just my personal view, and I do love big circle glitters, I just think they got a bit concealed in this polish. I loooooved the shade of purple next to the red, blue and purple little glitters though. Stunning!!

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  1. This nail polish is gorgeous! I love the colour of it! The matte topcoat works really well with it too! :)


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