Sunday, 30 March 2014

Freckles Polish - Just As You Are

Hello! Today I have a pretty polish to show you from new UK Indie brand, Freckles Polish. When I first began to see pics of swatches of the polishes that were going to be released, I liked them immediately! I resisted getting any as I already have way too many polishes, but when I saw that Julieann (who runs Freckles Polish) was going to be selling mini bottles for £3.50, I convinced myself I needed to buy some! 

I picked three, this one here which is called Just As You Are, and also a blue and a purple both with glitter. I'll be showing them off soon! Just As You are is a lovely grey base, with lots of different sized glitter and hearts in both pink and silver/grey. Such a pretty mixture! 

I applied one coat of this over a base of grey polish in a similar colour (Dorien Grey by Sally Hansen). I'm not sure I needed the base shade as this is quite opaque, but I really hate being able to see my nails through any polish so went with the grey base just to be sure! I finished off with a topcoat of Gelous. Here's some pics!

I wore it like this last night and all today, but managed to scuff them at work, so I added a matte topcoat to smooth them out again but to add a different finish. I don't usually go for matte topcoat over glitter, but I think this actually looks really good! 

The polish applied beautifully, and all of Julieann's polishes are stunning - really pretty, interesting colour/glitter combos. Check out her Etsy shop here!


  1. The matte coat is a wonderful touch to the look. Great mani :)

  2. I have this one, I love it too. It looks AMAZING matte, I need to try it!


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