Friday, 28 March 2014

BFF Friday - Tribal Print With an Easter Twist

Hello! Today's BFF Friday (that was supposed to be last week but I didn't have time - boo to me!) has a theme of Tribal/Easter Eggs. It was initially just tribal, but after Naileymabob told me that hers looked like Easter Eggs, I wanted mine to be similar! So the official title for today's theme is Tribal Print With An Easter Twist :-D

My manicure today was actually inspired by this manicure by Nails and Polkadots. I've only recently discovered this blog via instagram but she does some amazing designs - go and check out the blog!

For my manicure, I again used the Barry M pens and some of their Gelly shades. I love their colours, they seem so perfect for spring which is why I seem to be reaching for them all the time recently! I used Greenberry and Blueberry, as well as the pink and white pens.

To create the three tribal nails, I started off with a base of the blue, then freehanded horizontal stripes with the green, using the bottle from the brush. They weren't neat or perfect, but it didn't matter because for the next step I outlined the stripes (once fully dry) with the pink pen, to make the stripes seem more straight/uniform. I used the white to add similar detail to the manicure that inspired me, but tried to mix it up a bit too so it wasn't directly copied! I then topcoated these to seal in the pen.

For my two accent nails (little finger and thumb) I used two coats of Greenberry, and one coat of Beauxbatons Academy by Lac Attack. I thought the colours in this were really Easter-y and went well with the manicure. I finished these nails off with a pastel pink stud, stuck on while the polish underneath was still wet then sealed in with topcoat.

I was quite pleased with the results - the tribal/easter print isn't perfect and a bit wonky in places but if you don't look too closely, it's not too obvious and the overall effect is quite nice and colourful!

Check out Naileymabob's post and nails here - they're fab!


  1. Oo that's very pretty, love the detail!

  2. These look great! I love the combination of Easter and tribal print! The colours you've used are so nice too! :)


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